Kenia Handball lessonAs one of the first international sports organizations, the International Handball Federation has launched a worldwide training and education program for teachers at schools. According to the motto “Fun, passion and health”, competent IHF Handball at School Experts conduct courses for teachers of different age groups all over the world.

There are two different types of Handball at School courses – the classification is based on the age of the target group: Level I courses are designed for teaching handball to age groups between 5 and 11 years, whereas Level II courses focus on the age group 12 – 17 years. This distinction makes sure that the course content is especially adapted to the skills and abilities of the corresponding age group.

The present website is a promotion platform and should serve to illustrate the content presented in these courses. These animated training videos can help to get an idea and facilitate to understand the basic movements of handball. However they cannot be considered as 100% correct visualization of the exercises. The animations are based on the work for the official „IHF Handball Challenge“ video game, produced by the Berlin-based media company Neutron Games GmbH. If you want to learn more about the game please navigate to the section „Handball Challenge – video game“ in the website menue.

Please check the tutorial text in the section „How to use“ before watching the videos. Interested teachers can also download an accompanying book for the courses in the „Download“ section, which will offer all teachers practical assistance in giving attractive lessons.

Handball at School pictures